Magic Monday 2

2014 was welcomed in style with our second Magic Monday on January 6th.

MM 2 invite

Despite being held on a traditional INSET day, the philosophy at the heart of Magic Mondays was very much in evidence, with the majority of the day being allocated to presentations and workshops by our teaching staff, for our teaching staff.  As usual, attendance at any one of these was entirely voluntary and we were delighted once again to have a full house at all six presentations and workshops that ran throughout the day – a clear indicator of the commitment of our staff to developing their pedagogy further.  Not only this, but a great show of support for colleagues who presented.  Thank you.

A massive thank you also to all of those who worked so hard “behind the scenes” again to help organise the resources, the “goodie-bags”, the setting up of the Learning Resource Centre, the delicious catering……….it was another great team effort.

MM2 summary collage

Blog posts on each of the voluntary presentations and workshops from Magic Monday 2 can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive once again.

MM2 feedback sheets

Best things about today:

  • The variety of practical ideas and strategies that work in lessons, can be transferred to any subject and can be used straight away
  • Being able to try them out in the workshops
  • Great resources provided during presentations and in goodie-bags to take away
  • Recommended websites and education books to read
  • The range and enthusiasm of presenters sharing ideas was inspiring – our staff sharing their passion for our students
  • The very positive atmosphere, collaborative working, support from colleagues, feeling able to ask other colleagues for support, catching up and discussing with colleagues
  • The planning, set up and catering

Hopes and dreams for next time:

  • Same again please – more great T+L ideas
  • Start a staff notice board for sharing ideas
  • Have a selection of books on education in the library that we can use
  • Would be good to hear how ideas evolve, e.g. video diaries, video lessons or see them in action in classrooms
  • Split up sessions – better when shorter
  • Schedule before holiday so can design resources
  • Ideas for specific sessions included marking and feedback, revision ideas, ideas for practical lessons, plenaries, challenging the most able, supporting weak writers, strategies for low-level disruption.

New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Trial today’s ideas
  • Read more to get more ideas
  • Discuss ideas with others
  • Observe other staff teach and be observed myself
  • Join Twitter
  • Take more risks
  • Make the start of my lessons more engaging
  • Let students plan / deliver a lesson
  • Focus on being consistently good
  • Develop my use of assessment and feedback
  • Focus on questioning and language
  • Allow students more time to self and peer assess their work
  • Improve challenge in my lessons by differentiating from the top down
  • Be more organised
  • Update my blog more regularly

Thanks to everyone for all your feedback.  Our Teaching and Learning library of books is being updated as we speak with 50 new books for you to read!  We are also looking at using Padlet to create a virtual wall for sharing teaching and learning ideas.  Don’t forget if you would like to observe a colleague teaching or would like a colleague to observe you we are very happy to facilitate that – just ask!

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