Recommended Blogs


Why read blogs?

A growing army of teachers, school leaders, schools and others connected to the world of education now share their thoughts regularly via their blogs.

Blogs are a great way to find out what other people are:

  • reading about
  • trying out
  • reflecting on

Some of the major advantages of blogs are:

  • they are contemporary
  • you can usually interact with the author and others who are commenting on the blog if you wish
  • they are free

Every Sunday evening, our favourite blog from the previous week will be tweeted out as our Blog Of The Week using the hashtag #BOTW and emailed to our staff.  The Blog Of The Week initiative is a great way of sharing what’s happening in the world of education on a regular basis.  A number of other teachers/leaders also share their Blog Of The Week, using the #BOTW hashtag.  This one curated by Shaun Allison was the inspiration for ours.

Blog Of The Week




Here’s a set of links to a range of blogs you might also want to follow to get you started.  Most of the authors you can also follow on twitter…enjoy!

Recommended Blogs

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