Magic Mondays

Magic Monday #1

Magic Mondays are a core part of our “10 in 10” vision and our sharpening of focus to ensure that pedagogy is at the heart of our work in school.

We have already recognised that the capacity for meaningful professional development exists within our school, amongst our staff and the need to find better ways to reflect on and share the great practice that is already happening.  Magic Mondays are a direct response to this need.

Magic Mondays are scheduled to happen once every Half Term during lunchtime and after school.  Participation and attendance is entirely voluntary, with teaching staff offering 7 minute presentations during lunchtime at our “Pedagogy Picnics” or 12 minute workshops after school at our “Workshops Of Wonder“.  Initially there will be 3 x 7 minute presentations at lunchtime, with 3 x 12 minute workshops after school.

The choice of venue has been very deliberate as part of an effort to reinforce them as places at the heart of our school.  Pedagogy Picnics will be held in the staff room and offer the chance for staff to meet, eat, sit down and have a drink together as well as hear some great ideas they might like to try from colleagues.  Our Workshops Of Wonder will be held in our Learning Resource Centre – a room that sits geographically at the heart of our school and one that is already an established “hub of learning” as well as being home to our staff work room.

The initial response for a smaller than average school like ours has been overwhelming.  We have seen no shortage of volunteers wanting to showcase their ideas.  In addition to the 30 staff who have already confirmed their attendance at the Pedagogy Picnic, even more are expected to attend the Workshops Of Wonder after school.  With 19 staff already offering to give presentations or run workshops for our second Magic Monday in January it looks like we are set for a great Christmas and an exciting start to the New Year!

We will be posting links following each of our Magic Mondays below:

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