ITT’s No Joke

Sunderland University Secondary PGCE 1st April 2015

ITT TM Sunderland Uni

Dan Brinton “Meaningful Manageable Marking”

Laura Jackson “RAG Marking



Belmont Community School 26th November 2014

TMBelmont 26.11.14

First Half Presentations

Keynote: Professor Robert Coe – What Makes Great Teaching?

Kathryn Forster – PRET homework – 2 minute nano

Barry Dunn – Getting DIRTy – 7 minute micro

Lee Ferris – Flipagram – 2 minute micro

Jule Ryder – Teach Like a Champion – 7 minute micro

Sarah Gott – Measuring Your Impact – 7 minute micro

Second Half Presentations

Kerry Pulleyn#EduBookChatUK – 7 minute micro

Mark Barrett – Half Marks – 2 minute nano

James Henderson – Shift Happens – 7 minute micro

Lesley-Ann McDermott – Come Fly With Me – 7 minute micro

Danielle Bartram – The Interactive Seating Plan – 2 minute nano

Lisa-Jane Ashes – Under Pressure – 7 minute micro

Pete Jackson#lovingthelearning – 7 minute micro



Acklam Grange School 30th September 2014


Acklam Grange 30.9.14

Dan BrintonMindset” 7 minute presentation



Cramlington Learning Village, 26th June 2014



Dan Brinton “Designing a new curriculum and post-levels assessment system from scratch” 7 minute micro


Pick n Mix

Mortimer Community College, 12th June 2014


Laura Jackson “RAG Marking” 7 minute micro


Alpha Omega

Excelsior Academy, 24th April 2014

Excelsior April 2014

Laura Jackson “Go for gold” 4 minute workshop

Sam Bulmer “Improving attitudes to homework” 4 minute workshop

Lou HindmarchUsing technology and mobile devices as revision tools” 4 minute workshop

Suzanne FalconerFoldable fun for revision” 4 minute workshop


Monkey See Monkey Do 2

Monkseaton Middle School, 2nd April 2014


TMMonkey 2.4.14-

Laura JacksonLift the lid on learning” 7 minute micro

Dan Brinton “Fast Feedback” 7 minute micro


Raising, Aspirations

Cardinal Hume 11th March 2014


Cardinal Hume 11th March

Laura Jackson “Lifting the lid on learning” 5 minute masterclass

Julie Ryder “Motivation using flipped SOLO” 5 minute masterclass

Nicola RobertsStick Pick” 2 minute gem



Walbottle, 6th March 2014


Walbottle 6.3.14

Dan BrintonWelcoming the hurricane” micro

Julie RyderA roll of the dice” nano

Laura Jackson “Rate your confidence” nano


Let’s build an ideas factory

St Joseph’s Hebburn, 14th January 2014


St Joseph's 14.1.14

Julie RyderSOLO Taxonomy” presentation

Laura Jackson “Improving stretch and challenge” presentation

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