We were delighted to kick off our 4th Magic Monday with a Pedagogy Picnic presentation by one of our student teachers, Amanda Spenceley.  Here, Amanda shares how she has used “Corners” as a simple recap activity at the start of her lessons.


Corners is a game that works particularly well with smaller groups.  I have, however, played this game with my larger classes and overall it has been a huge success and all students are engaged throughout.

The game requires students to recall information that is already stored in their long-term memory and bring it forward to their working memory. It is for this reason that the game is a useful starter activity if you are planning on expanding upon information that the students were first introduced to 4-5 lessons ago, as it will refresh their memories of what they learned previously.

 How to play

  1. Choose four volunteers to stand at each corner of the room.
  2. Ask all four students your question. Whoever puts their hand up first is selected.
  3. If they answer incorrectly, choose the pupil who put their hand up second. If they answer correctly, they move in a clockwise direction to the next corner of the room, knocking out the student whose place they are taking.
  4. Choose another student from the middle of the classroom to fill the empty space. A good tip is to ask those sat in the middle a question and the first person to answer correctly receives the opportunity to come up and fill the empty space. This ensures that everyone is involved.
  5. Repeat the above steps. The first person to travel around all four corners to arrive back in their original corner wins!


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