Creating movies to support revision

Director's chair

Amanda Telfer and Lou Hindmarch from our IT, Business and Health department delivered the second of our after school workshops on Magic Monday 3.

The issue

They shared how a lack of suitable revision materials for the GCSE Health and Social Care course, particularly for students towards the lower end of the ability range had been a particular issue when helping their Year 11 students prepare for their forthcoming exams.

Creating “student experts”

Amanda and Lou were keen to utilise the strengths of everyone in the class so that they could work together to support each other with their revision.  To begin with, a subject audit was carried out to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of every student in the class.  This process allowed a number of “student experts” to be created in different areas, who would then work with other students identified by the audit as finding that particular area difficult.


Preparing resources

Each student then had to create a revision movie on an area they found difficult with the support of their “student expert”.  Students had to research, plan and create their own notes, using diagrams and images based on their particular area.  Most preferred to use their own devices to take photographs of the resources they had produced, although school cameras were provided for anyone who wanted to use one.

Making movies

As Movie Maker software is installed on every PC in school most students then used this to upload their resources and create their movies.  To support students to use Movie Maker, Amanda and Lou got students to practice five different transitions before using the software to make their own movies.  Some students also used apps like Quick Time on their mobile devices to make their own movies directly.  You can view an example of one of the movies created by clicking on the link below.

Sharing with everyone

As all of the GCSE Health and Social Care students have their own Edmodo account, all of the movies that were created were then shared on Edmodo so that they could be accessed by everyone: anytime, anywhere.  The department is also planning to upload all of the movies onto the department’s YouTube channel so that others can view and use them too.


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