Quiz Quiz Trade

Our first Magic Monday “Workshop Of Wonder” (…or “WOWs” as we’ve decided to name them) was kicked off in style by our Head of MFL, Lee Ferris.  Lee led us all through his workshop based on a Kagan cooperative learning strategy: Quiz-Quiz-Trade, which was highly interactive, very hands on and ultimately great fun for all of us involved!

Quiz quiz trade title slide

Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a strategy that encourages mutual reliance at every stage and the embedding of knowledge through the sharing of ideas verbally.  Although Lee used an MFL specific example, the strategy works in any context.

Stage 1: introduce the necessary knowledge

We needed to know the correct terminology for liking and disliking, which Lee reinforced by asking us to repeat aloud, whilst using the appropriate thumb signals.

Quiz quiz trade j'adore

Quiz quiz trade j'aime Quiz quiz trade je n'aime pas Quiz quiz trade je deteste

The same process was repeated for our “likes” and “dislikes” prior to Lee questioning us to check our learning.

Quiz quiz trade images likes & dislikes

Stage 2: provide any additional support required prior to the Quiz-Quiz-Trade stage

A vocabulary list was provided.

Quiz quiz trade mes preferences

This was to ensure we could record our information correctly on our Quiz Quiz Trade share cards.

Quiz Quiz Trade share cards

The Quiz-Quiz-Trade share card template can be downloaded by clicking on the link above

Stage 3: explain the Quiz-Quiz-Trade rules (generic for any subject)

Quiz quiz trade rules

Stage 4: Quiz-Quiz-Trade

We read our sentence out loud in French, which our partner translated into English.

If we made a mistake we were allowed one generic clue e.g. “I said…….(repeat)”

Once we had carried this out correctly individually, we swapped roles and repeated.

Once both ourselves and our partners had carried this out correctly, we swapped cards, moved away with our hands in the air to identify we were looking for a new partner.

The Quiz-Quiz-Trade process was then repeated a number of times, allowing us to listen to and practise speaking a much wider range of vocabulary than we would have done without using it.

Not only this but the process was quick, highly engaging and great fun!

If you would like to know more about Quiz-Quiz-Trade or require any support implementing this strategy Lee would be more than happy to help.

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