Quick Coursework

The final presentation at our first Magic Monday “Pedagogy Picnic” was by Science teacher Suzanne Falconer.

Quick Coursework title slide

Spurred on by our “(In)decent Proposal”, her copy of “100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding lessons” by Ross Morrison-McGill (a.k.a. @TeacherToolkit) and the Science Department’s recent “5 Minute Webinar” Suzanne shared a number of 5 Minute Plans she had created and how they might be used.

But first, let’s remind ourselves of the original 5 minute lesson plan from @TeacherToolkit

The 5 minute Lesson Plan Teacher Toolkit original

Here are Suzanne’s first versions adapted for Science:

Data Analysis…

The 5 minute Data Analysis Plan

Case Studies… The 5 minute Case Study Plan

Full investigations…

The 5 minute full investigation plan

…with exemplification

The 5 minute coursework plan - science (annotated)

Suzanne then went on to share 5 minute plans she had produced in collaboration with Sam Bulmer from our English department that were suitable for writing and reading tasks.


The 5 minute writing plan

with exemplification…

The 5 minute writing plan (annotated)


The 5 minute reading plan

with exemplification…

The 5 minute reading plan (annotated)

Finally Suzanne shared her 5 minute plans for History based on their Controlled Assessment and preparation lessons following discussions with Louise Goodyear from our Humanities department.

Source Plan…

The 5 minute Source Plan

B(ii) plan…

The 5 minute B(ii) Plan

Representation breakdown plan…

The 5 minute Representation breakdown

If you want to know more or would like support to develop your own 5 minute plans Suzanne would be very happy to help you with this.

Suzanne’s 5 minute plans (including @TeacherToolkit’s original 5 minute lesson plan) can be downloaded by clicking on the following link

5 min plan templates

You can also check out the vast array of other 5 minute plans in the series here.

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