Poundland Pedagogy

Our second Magic Monday “Workshop of Wonder” was delivered by Sam Bulmer from our English department.  Sam shared with us how she is using “Poundland Pedagogy” in her lessons as well as providing us with the opportunity to think about how we might use it in our own lessons.

Poundland pedagogy title slide

Sam’s interest in this began with a book by Isabella Wallace entitled “Pimp Your Lesson

Poundland pedagogy background

Sam began by sharing some of the strategies she had been using in her own lessons, for example “Keyword Keepie Uppies“…Poundland pedagogy keyword keepie-uppies English example

…and Talk to me I’m an expert

Poundland pedagogy talk to me I'm an expert English example

Sam then went on to share some ideas for how we could use a range of everyday household objects that cost £1 or less in our lessons

Poundland pedagogy using plastic tablecloths Poundland pedagogy using string Poundland pedagogy using plastic bin liners

Finally we got the chance to have a play ourselves with some resources provided by Sam in our goodie-bags! Poundland pedagogy task

Sam has set herself a challenge to create one new teaching and learning method each week… Poundland pedagogy next steps

…maybe you would like to join her or send her your own ideas?!

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