Mobile Magic

The second presentation at our first Magic Monday “Pedagogy Picnic” was by Michael Caygill following his experimentation with the use of QR codes in Science.

Mobile Magic title slide

Michael began by outlining exactly what a QR code is…

Mobile Magic what is a QR code?

before explaining how to install a QR code reader on your mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile Magic how do you use QR codes?

He recommended the website for creating QR codes

Mobile Magic QR code website

…before sharing some specific examples he has been trialling in his Science lessons, for example this student worksheet on corrosion, which contained QR codes that linked to wikis and particular pages on the  BBC bitesize science website…

Mobile Magic QR code corrosion worksheet

…this worksheet, which linked to ideas about chemical reactions…

Mobile Magic QR code chemical reactions

…and finally this example, which linked to information on chemical bonding.

Mobile Magic QR codes bonding

As well as using QR codes as a source of information during lessons, Michael shared how he has also been experimenting with their use when providing written feedback to his students.  Shown below are two examples of how he used them to provide further support for students to complete their improvements following his feedback.

Mobile Magic QR codes response to feedback

Notice that in both cases, references to further reading in text books and web references are provided, making the use of a QR reader non-essential.

Mobile Magic QR codes response to feedback 2

So, if you fancy giving QR codes a go or would like a bit more info Michael would be more than happy to support you with this.

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