In the beginning…

…there was an (In)decent proposal based on a book

An (in)decent proposal

…which generated an overwhelming and enthusiastic response from our staff, who were keen to try out and share some of its ideas for outstanding lessons

…which led to us meeting together and hearing about some of the great things we were all doing already individually (but that most of us didn’t know about)


…and the realisation that there was great potential already within our school to become “consistently excellent”

…we just needed to make a deliberate choice to reposition pedagogy at the heart of our work and work together to achieve this

So we shared our thoughts and ideas which led to the creation of a shared vision


A vision which contained a long-term commitment to work together to develop our practice to become the best we can possibly be

…a commitment to become “10 in 10”


…whose aims would be supported by the creation of our very own “directory of excellence”

book of spells

…to showcase excellent practice within and beyond our school

THIS is our directory of excellence…our journey to excellence starts HERE

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